Yashiro Yukio, My Life in the Fine Arts [Watakushi no bijutsu henreki] Tokyo 1972

Table of Contents

Yashiro Sketch

For translations of chapters 7-10, made for this exhibition, click links below. Translation by Peter Bernard; notes by Peter Bernard and Jonathan Nelson

1: Birth in Yokohama
2: A Student with a Fondness for Paintings
3: Lecturer at Art School
4: Interpreting for Tagore, the Indian Poet
5: Mr. Sankei and the Sankei-en Group
6: Study Abroad in London; Off to Italy
7: Mr. Berenson and His Circle
8: The Discovery of Botticelli’s Pala delle Convertite
9: The Publication of Sandro Botticelli in London
10: I Miss My Chance to Purchase a Work by Botticelli
11: Southern Europe and Northern Europe
12: Nature and the Fine Arts in Russia
13: Assisting with the Matsukata Collection
14: Return to the East—The Establishment of the Art Research Institute
15: Exhibition of Contemporary nihonga in Germany
16: Lecturer at Harvard University
17: Minister Kibi’s Adventures in China—Around the Time of My Arrival in Boston
18: Visiting Professor at Various British Universities
19: From the Time of the Major Exhibition on Chinese Art in London until My Travels in China
20: War; Seclusion in Ōiso
21: Defeat; The Occupying Forces’ Protection of Art; On Mr. Warner
22: The Destruction of the Hōryū-ji Wall Paintings by Fire and the Establishment of the Committee for the Protection of Cultural Properties
23: The Opening Abroad of a Major Postwar Exhibition on Ancient Japanese Art 24: The Establishment of the Yamato Bunkakan
25: On Charles L. Freer, an Admirer of Japanese Art
In Place of an Afterword
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