• Exhibition Curators: Jonathan K. Nelson (Assistant Director for Academic Programs and Publication, Villa I Tatti, Florence), Emiko Yamanashi (Director, Department of Art Research, Archives and Information Systems, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo), and Michiaki Koshikawa (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Aesthetics and Art History)
  • Catalog Editor: Jonathan K. Nelson
  • Web Producer: Lukas Klic (Manager of Information Services & Digital Initiatives, Villa I Tatti)
  • Curatorial Assistant: Cristina J. Garza (M.A. candidate, Syracuse University in Florence)
  • Translators: Peter Bernard (Ph.D. candidate, Japanese literature, EALC, Harvard University), for Yukio Yashiro’s autobiography; Martha J. McClintock, for Wakaba Yashiro’s letter
  • Advisory Board at I Tatti: Lino Pertile (Director), Ilaria Della Monica (Archivist), Giovanni Pagliarulo (Curator)

Dedicated to Bernard Berenson

on the 150th anniversary of his birth (June 26, 1865)
and to Yukio Yashiro
on the 40th anniversary of his death (May 25, 1975)


This exhibition is supported by the United States Embassy, Tokyo.

Financial support for the exhibition and related research: The Lila Wallace – Reader’s Digest Endowment Fund at I Tatti;  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; Foundation for Cultural Heritage and Art Research, Tokyo; and National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo.

The curators thank Iwanami Shoten (Tokyo), for permission to translate chapters from Yashiro's autobiography; Wakaba Yashiro (daughter-in-law of Yukio Yashiro), for permission to publish the letters and photographs of Yukio Yashiro; The Medici  Society (London), for permission to post Yashiro’s Botticelli online, and the publishers who gave permission to post the studies about Yashiro and Berenson. The curators gratefully acknowledge the authors for their contributions: Michael M. Gorman (Milan and Toscolano Maderno); John Trevor Hatcher (Professor, Fukuoka University); Carl Brandon Strehlke (Curator Emeritus, Philadelphia Museum of Art); and Akira Takagishi (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo).

The Berenson letters were transcribed by Sanne Wellen (Photograph Cataloger, Villa I Tatti), under the supervision of Ilaria Della Monica and Giovanni Pagliarulo. The Yashiro letters were transcribed by Emiko Yamanashi, Michiaki Koshikawa, and Akiko Nakamura (Part-time lecturer, Otsuma Women’s University) and edited by Michiaki Koshikawa. Akiko Kobayashi (Part-time lecturer, Tokyo University of the Arts), Maria Fukada (Post-doctoral fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and Maho Tomooka (Graduate School, Tokyo University of the Arts) assisted with the proofreading. In the ‘People’ section, texts were written by Akiko Nakamura, Akiko Kobayashi, Maria Fukada, and Maho Tomooka, with editing and photo research by Allison Cannella (Undergraduate intern, Syracuse University in Florence). The Cockerell letters were transcribed by Allison Cannella.

 The curators extend a special word of gratitude to the members of the advisory board, to two Syracuse University in Florence students --Cristina Garza and Allison Cannella-- for their exemplary work, and to the following for their advice, assistance, and support: 

  • Toko Hirayama (granddaughter of Yukio Yashiro)
  • Shuji Takashina (Director, Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki)
  • Masanori Aoyagi (Commissioner, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan)
  • Tsutomu Mizusawa (Director, Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Hayama)
  • Hidebumi Hashi (Chief Curator, Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Hayama)
  • Koichi Toyama (Professor, Keio University, Tokyo)
  • Akihito Nakanishi (Embassy of the United States, Tokyo)
  • Hiroshi Takahashi (Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo)
  • Shinsuke Omiya (formerly Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo)
  • Andrea Caselli (Web Services Specialist, Villa I Tatti)

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