Yashiro (in London) to Bernard and Mary Berenson


59 The Vale
Golders Green

17 Aug.

Dear Mr & Mrs. Berenson,

Time passes so quickly. I am entirely lost in my work. I can find no time to write letters, even to you. When I feel myself a little freer, the first thing I would do is to write to you, to write you all the nonsenses I felt & am feeling since I left Florence and you.

Yesterday I sent by parcel post some Dante photos from the Vatican. The detail ones are of the original size. The detail from the Chant of Hell is very well done. I hope you will like it.

The N. G. [National Gallery] photos I will send to you as soon as they are done. If there is any other thing I can do for you in London, do let me.

This is a dry & short letter, hardly compatible with the warm attachment I feel for you. But I must begin my work now. Au revoir -- but when?

Yours ever,

Yuki Yashiro