Yashiro (in London) to Mary Berenson

15 Dec

Dear Mrs. Berenson,

Your letter brought me a sweetest of feelings, and showed me how grieved I had been since I received your last letter. I look up to both of you as my masters, who made the foundation of my future study. So I feel very keenly what sort of idea you make of your Yuki.

In my future studies I may make many mistakes I may sometimes be too rash, as is inevitable for my age. But the conscientious way of study which I learned from the daily example in I Tatti from BB with you and Signorina Mariano shall ever be a warning to me. Although Yuki has many weaknesses, yet he is anxious to improve himself. Scold me whenever you find me foolish but don’t be despaired of me.

I sail off to America on 20th from Liverpool. So I say good bye to you. I will write to you from Japan. Whenever you require anything of me, write to me c/o The Imperial Accademy of Art, Tokio. Then you must write Prof. Yashiro which sounds so funny for this Bohemian boy, but there are two Yashiros in the Academy & so I must ask you to address me with the official title.

I sent you those detail photos which were at last done for me from N. G. Botticellis and Amico. As they were paid by the Medici Society, I can send them as a humble present from Yuki. I hope BB will like them.

Good bye, I am called off now. I must pack my things. I will write to you from America.

Yours ever,


Excuse me for this abrupt way of stopping. I have thousand things to tell you. But no time, alas for the moment.   

My best regard to BB and to Miss Mariano.