Yashiro (in Boston) to Bernard and Mary Berenson

[letterhead: Harvard Club of Boston/ 374 Commonwealth Avenue]

2 Jan. 1925

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Berenson,

Yuki is now in Boston and is very very happy. Mr. Forbes, to whom you introduced me in I Tatti one beautiful day in Spring, -- he is so kind to me and helps me in every way, both for study & enjoyment. We talk about you a lot. Mr. Forbes’ children whom I have also met in your house, they have grown up a great deal. They are perfectly charming.

I meant to write to you a long letter on the boat, but the sea was very rough and poor Yuki was very sick all the way through. Don’t imagine from my silence that I think less of you.

It is such a pity that I must leave America in ten days. Except your excellent library I could find no such facilities for study as in America. If I continue to study for another 3 years, following your example, and in such a nice place as Harvard or better in I Tatti, I can become something worthy. If you find anything stupid in me, scold me, so as to improve me. Don’t be despaired of me. If not for anything else, for faithfulness and devotion to you, you would not come across such a boy as I am, very frequently.

This is just to send my love to you from a place abounding with your friends.

Yours ever,