Yashiro (in Paris) to Bernard Berenson

[letterhead: Le Bristol/ Hotel et Restaurant/ 112 Faubourg St. Honoré/ Paris (VIIIe)/ Adresse Télégraphique: Bristonoré Paris 109]

Jan. 20th

Dear Mr. Berenson,

I am leaving Europe for Japan in a few days. It is very sad to think that again this time I am unable to come to Italy to call on you. All through autumn I was terribly busy giving lectures on Far Eastern Arts in various British universities. I always meant to come to Italy, after my work in England would be over. Now that my work is over, I have to go back to Tokyo as quickly as possible, having received an urgent request to do so from Tokyo.

It is already since 1928 that I have not seen you. I have become much older. These years I have been devoted to the study of Chinese painting and I have published various articles on the subject. But working chiefly in Japan, all my publications are in my own language and I regret that I cannot ask you to examine what sort of work I am doing in the field of Far Eastern Art, after my years of apprenticeship, so to speak, in the field of Italian painting under your guidance & inspiration. In a few years when my series of articles on “Masterpieces of Chinese art in American Collections” reach a certain number, so that they make a book, I shall have them translated into English & ask you to see them.

In London I learned that Mrs. Berenson was not well. I feel awfully sorry for her ill-health. Please remember me to her and tell her that Yashiro has always a vivid memory of his happy days in Florence when he was allowed to frequent I Tatti.

Yours ever faithfully,

Yukio Yashiro