Yashiro (in Tokyo) to Bernard Berenson

estimated year

[letterhead: The Institute of Art Research / Ueno Park, Tokio/ Telephone, Shitaya 3487/ Mail address, P.O. Box Shitaya 14, Tokio]

Tokio, Sept. 28th

Dear Mr. Berenson,

It was with great pleasure that I received this morning the Italian version of your esteemed “Italian Painters”. With a pathetic feeling I look back at the Italian Paintings, which were the object of my youthful love and devotion. In spite of my concentration on Eastern Art in recent years, nonetheless, Italian art has not lost any of its great charm on me. Freed from my own self-consciousness of being a specialist, now I think I look at Italian art with more enjoyment than ever. The book contains two Botticellis, which I did not know, from Collections Brady (Long Island) and Jules Bache, New York. I anticipate the pleasure of seeing them, when I go to America again.

This fall I meant to go to China, but the illness of my wife has prevented me from doing so. More and more I am concentrated on Chinese art. I am busily engaged in studying materials for Chinese studies in Japanese collections.

Please remember me to Mrs. Berenson. I should like very much to call on you & Mrs. Berenson at I Tatti once again after an absence of long years.

Yours ever,

Yuki Yashiro