Yashiro (in Tokyo) to Bernard Berenson

Written in four postcards with reproductions of works of Japanese art, published by the Society of Friends of Eastern Art.

Tokyo, May 24th

Dear B.B.,

Thank you so very much for your letter and postcard, which seem to have carried me immediately to I Tatti by your side. I am always keeping in very inmost heart your desire and my promise to you, that I shall apply what method of study I have learned from you in my Italian studies by your side to the study of Eastern Arts. My institute, which I have established with that idea and which our government was kind enough to take its own, financed by the national budget, is already more than ten years old & its importance is now generally recognized. Thinking of that, I feel very happy & I am still striving how to clear the Eastern art histories of all “pre-Morellian nonesenses”, so to speak & to establish them on sounder basis, just as you have done with the Italian art history. Can I not ask you a special favour of giving me a photo of you. I really want a portrait of you in my room, so that I can always look at my teacher at any time & remember his teachings.

Thank you very much for your subscription to the Society of Friends of Eastern Art.

Yours ever,


Please remember me to Mrs. Berenson & to Miss Nicky Mariano.