Bernard Berenson (in Turin) to Yashiro

June 15, 1951

My dear Yashiro,

Your dear letter of Apr. 16 reached me only yesterday. I hope this will get to you much quicker, and tell you how delighted I should be to see you if you return to Europe, and that of course you must come and stay with me at I Tatti. It would be a return to the good old time.

If a Japanese translation of any of my books is to be undertaken it would be angelic of you if you supervised its rendering of my meaning, as of course, I with my ignorance of your language, could not attempt it.

Believe us when I tell you that we never forget you. Your problem is a peculiarly difficult one and you want to bring your whole family with you. That means overcoming all sorts of immigration laws, and then the search of a dwelling for housing is very rare in U.S.A. as well as everywhere in Europe. Of course you would require a salary to defray expenses of a whole family.

I am sure Kenneth Clark is devoted to you as I am, and Coolidge of the Fogg Museum and many others. BUT it is a moment when cultural values like ours enjoy small consideration -- so much so that for instance my books no longer find publishers in either England or America. Happily you are young enough to see better days. If your plans are coming over take precise shape, please let me know at once, so that I may plan for your visit. 

Ever affectionately,