Yashiro (in London) to Bernard Berenson

c/o Mr. Basil Gray
9 Essex Villas
London, W.8.
Nov. 14

Dear B.B.,

Finally my trip to Europe & America was allowed, and leaving Tokyo on 9th with a direct flight I arrived in London on 12th early in the morning. Although the continuous flight for two and half days was fatiguing, yet I feel very well and am making preparations for my lectures at Courtauld Institute, which begin on 21st.

I am very very happy to have visited London again after fifteen years and to meet my old friends & to see masterpieces in the galleries, which had inspired me in my young days.

I spoke with Kenneth Clark through telephone & am going to meet him soon. We were together as young colleagues at I Tatti, and so when I think of Kenneth, immediately I think of you, and vice versa.

I plan to stay in London till about Dec. 10, and then shall go to Rome, where I am expected to deliver some lectures at Dr. Tucci’s Institute. During Christmas & New Year’s holidays, I want to visit Florence & perhaps Venice. You have kindly offered to let me come to stay at I Tatti. Would that be all right, if I come to you about that time? For instance, between 25th Dec. and Jan. 5th I want to stay at I Tatti for about five days. I should take a great care not to be too great a burden to you, but the great pleasure to see you and to be near you, and also to visit my old Florence again, give me courage to ask you for the privilege of staying with you for some days. Please let me know whether that be possible?

During my stay in London, I shall stay with Basil Gray. When I go to Rome about Dec. 10th, my letter address is

c/o Dr. Tucci
Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente
Via Merulana 248, Roma

Please let me get your answer to one of those places.

My heart throbbing with the great joy of meeting my old teacher again.

I remain,

Your most faithful pupil,

Yukio Yashiro