Yashiro to Bernard Berenson

Written in Washington D.C. and sent from New York.

Washington, March 9th

Dear B.B.,

Time passes so quickly in this hurried trip of mine through various countries. After a stay in Paris for a month, in which I saw most of my son, & during which I paid a flying visit to Holland, I came to Boston. There of course I met many of our old friends, Edgell, Forbes etc., all of whom asked me much about you, & were very very glad to hear directly from me how well you are & how your brain is altogether wonderful just as in old days. (By the way, I should not forget to tell you that I received from Edgell’s secretary all the money, which was sent to him through the kindness of you, of Nicky & of Mr. Morra in Rome.) Now I am in Washington, & is leaving for New York this evening after my lecture at National Gallery. National Gallery, which I saw for the first time, is overwhelming with masterpieces of all ages. I met Mr. John Walker with your letter of introduction & he made me perfectly comfortable while I am here. Only he had to go to Florida on business soon after my arrival & I had no much time to talk to him. I shall wait for another chance to make his better acquaintance, but I could see immediately what a nice man he is, just as you told me. I am asked to lecture on Botticelli here, because there are several Botticelli & school pieces in the Gallery. I intend to tell my frank reactions to the art of Botticelli with my sense of beauty as an Oriental. In New York my time would be very much pressed, as there is a talk to hold an Exhibition of Japanese Art in America & I have to meet lots of people, Mr. John D. Rockefeller III etc. etc. Lest I fail to write to you again, I hasten to post this letter, in order to report to you, at least how I am doing since I left Italy. After visiting Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, Los Angeles & Honolulu I shall be back in Tokyo by April 10th.

Please remember me to Nicky. I recollect with deep emotion what nice days I had at I Tatti by your side.  

Yours ever,

Yukio Yashiro