Yashiro (in Oiso) to Bernard Berenson

1017 Oiso, May 28, ’53

Dear B.B.,

I came back to Tokyo on May 22nd after a very busy trip through U.S. and Canada. Before my departure from New York on April 24th, I met Dr. Horovitz of Phaidon Press several times & learned from him the details about the publication of “Italian Painters” in Japan. He made them into a document & I brought it back with me. In a few days I shall begin my negotiations with Japanese publishers. Meanwhile, while I was absent from Tokyo, a copy of “Italian Painters” arrived, and now coming back home, here I am looking at the book with a renewed admiration! I must have it brought out in Japanese version worthy of its original edition & of its author both in dignity and in beauty. Please trust me, it will be done in the best way possible that can be done in this country at all! The negotiation with the publishers & other preparations would take some time. So this letter I write to you in a hasty way just to tell you that the Japanese edition of “Italian Painters” is making ahead in Yashiro’s hand & that both you & Dr. Horovitz will hear from me soon.

In New York & in Boston & Cambridge I met many old friends, K. Clark, R. Offner, Edgell etc., most of them I came to know at I Tatti! We spoke very much of you!

Yours ever,

Yuki Yashiro 

P.S. Also in my absence arrived your book “L’arco di Costantino”, for which I thank you very much.

Please remember me to Nikky! Whenever I think of I Tatti (which is frequent), I always think of her! My love to her!