Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Settignano, Apr. 20. 54

My very dear Yashiro, 

Thank you for yours of the 11th, but I am distressed and alarmed by the news of your suffering from high blood pressure. Please put your health first. Much as I should love to see you, you must think twice and thrice before you venture to come to Europe before you are thoroughly cured. I thank you for the trouble you take to make me better known in Japan. But there too I must beg of you to think first of your health. I am now working as hard as I dare on the first vol. of Italian Pictures. This one is on Venetian Paintings. With luck it may be ready to go to press at end of this year. “Lotto” also, and a small book on Sicilian travels of nearly a year ago.

How I wish I could see Japan with you!

Love from Nicky and,


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