Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Settignano, Florence, Nov. 25. 54

My dear Yashiro, 

I have just read the review of the following book: Namio Egami Die alte Zivilisation Nordeurasiens, Kyoto, 1948.

Do you know this book? If not will you look it up and if the illustrations are fairly copious, will you send it to me, and I shall repay you with a dollar check.

I still browse in many fields although my strength is continuously diminishing.

I am working at a new catalogue of all the Italian paintings, 13- to 1600 known to me. Each volume will have 800 illustrations, and that will be four volumes. The first is on the Venetians.

Are there any in Japan?

I hope all is well with you and yours, and that you are working and living as satisfactorily as circumstance permits.