Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Settignano. Florence, Apr. 26. 55

Dear Yashiro, 

Months ago I addressed you a letter containing a sort of dedication to yourself combined with a preface to the Japanese ed. of Italian Painters, I have not heard whether it has reached you, and I am distressed to be without news of you. You doubtless have heard of Horovitz’s sudden death. I understand that the Phaidon Press continues, and will fulfill all the engagements undertaken by Horovitz.

I am finishing the list of Venetian Painters from 13 to 1600. It will contain at least 800 reproductions. Three other volumes will follow, on Florentine, Central Italian, and North Italian. Each takes a year to compile, and it will be a miracle if I live to finish this undertaking.

We are going to Tripoli in a few days, and then to Sicily, Calabria, Naples and Rome. 

Ever affectionately,