Bernard Berenson (in Tripoli) to Yashiro

Address Settignano, Florence, Italy
May 13. 55
Saniet Volpi – Tripoli

My dear Yashiro, 

I am glad to read in yours of May 5 that you are feeling better. Let me hope this will find you rimesso à nuovo. I hasten to urge you not to abandon the idea of writing a book on Oriental Art. I am confident that a publisher could easily be found, in America or in England, probably the Phaidon again.

I have come here for a change and rest in a climate, vegetation, and with inhabitants so different from Tuscany. Ancient ruined cities abound and I love to look and muse .

The English edition of my “Lorenzo Lotto” will appear soon I hope. The volume on the Venetian Painters, the first of the four constituting a catalogue of Itl. pictures from circa 13 to circa 1600 will be ready for the press before the end of the year.

My health is not too good. What can one expect at 90?