Yashiro (in Rome) to Bernard Berenson

See below for the photo Yashiro sent to Bernard Berenson along with this letter. 

Roma, August 1st

My dear B.B., 

Thank you very much for your letter from Vallombrosa which touched me & my wife Fumi deeply. Although there was no other way, because of the shortage of time before my departure from Rome to Japan, we are feeling a great remorse not to have called on you again at Vallombrosa. Both I & Fumi, however, console ourselves by philosophizing that it is better to leave something not done behind, as it induces us to come back again. In a couple of years we shall surely come back again to Italy & call on you at I Tatti.

As we could not come to salute you personally once more before our departure from Europe, herewith we send us [sic] a small colour-photo of us to you in order to salute you instead. I regret to say that the photo is very small. But at least you can have the images of your old pupil and his wife, who are so attached to you. The photo was taken while we were in London.

The Persian Exhibition in Rome at Dr. Tucci’s Institute (Istituto Italiano per il medio ed Estremo Oriente) is very very important and interesting Exhibition. Especially the things sent from Teheran are marvellous! In the catalogue it is written that the Exhibition is for June & August. So it will be closed at the end of August.

Yesterday I met our old friend Auriti and I told him of what you said in your letter. Auriti was delighted to know that he is remembered by you and he said he will write you soon.

Our son Akio came to join us in Rome yesterday & we are taking him home with us. He asks me to send his salute to you and to Nicky. He says that his new composition of a String Quartet, which was appreciated in Paris and recognized to some extent, is going to be broadcast by “Chaîne nationale” France, played by Parrenin Quartet on 13th August, pm.4.50. Quartet Parrenin is quite a good quartet of rather young musicians. I really wish that you would hear it.

In England I met Kenneth Clark several times. It is nice to meet old friends. Both I and Fumi were enchanted by the medieval shadows of Saltwood Castle, & by Kenneth & Jane, who live there.

There are many other things, which I want to tell you. But as the time of our departure is coming near, I have to stop writing & say goodbye & farewell to you & to Nicky. 

Yours ever,

Yuki Yashiro

P.S. My wife Fumi and my son Akio send their best love to you and to Nicky.