Yashiro (in Oiso) to Bernard Berenson

August 22nd

My dear B.B.,

We arrived in Japan on Aug. 4th. After a long flight across India, & arriving in Japan in the height of summer heat, we felt altogether exhausted, and till now we have been very idle, taking a rest. Now I feel stronger & am thinking to resume my activity. Both my wife Fumi & our son Akio are quite well, and now that all of my family, myself, Fumi & Akio, are living in the same house, for the first time after the sad death of our beloved daughter, a little joy came to our home!

Just before my departure from Rome I received a letter from John Walker, telling me on which day he would be coming to I Tatti or to Vallombrosa, and expecting a chance to meet me there. How sad was it that by a difference of just a few days I could not meet him at your place. So immediately after my return to Japan I wrote an air mail letter to John Walker care of I Tatti, hoping that it arrived him, while he was there. John wanted to meet me before I go to California, but that became impossible. But even if I go to California at the institution of Stanford University, it is after all an invitation for a stay of only one year (which can be extended for another year, if I wish); so I wrote in my letter to John my plan to go to Stanford anyway & told him that, as I imagine, my going to Stanford for a short while would not contradict with John’s own plan to help me. And also I told him, that if I go [to] Stanford I shall call on him in Washington at the earliest chance. I wonder if my letter reached him, while he was staying with you. If so, he would have told you my plan of going to Stanford in more details.

Anyway I plan to go to California this autumn & there, as I shall be left to do whatever I like, except a few seminar classes for advanced students & for professors, I shall come back to my life as a “studioso” of Oriental art & shall begin to write on it in English, as you encourage me to do.

This letter turned out to be a funny scribble, but I wanted to tell you quickly what I intend to do in near future. My next letter would be more coherent. Please excuse me!

Yours ever,

Yuki Yashiro

My wife Fumi sends her love to you & to Nicky.