Yashiro (in Oiso) to Bernard Berenson

Oiso, 29 March

My dear B.B.,

We are frightened to hear that you were not well. But we feel relieved knowing that now you are better.

I myself has not been well. By this time I ought to be at Stanford University California, but the medical examination before leaving Japan brought out some unknown illness to light, & I was put in Cancer hospital for about a month & I was treated with Ray Cobalt 60. This treatment is not painful at all, but very very exhausting & even now I have not recovered from the fatigue. After some interval I have to get the Ray treatment again, & so for the moment I have to give up my plan to go to America for some time. I am always talking with my wife how we wish to visit you again at I Tatti.

Yours ever,

Yukio Yashiro