Bernard Berenson (in Vallombrosa) to Yashiro

Casa al Dono

August 19, 1957

Dear Yashiro,

I write to beg you to let me know how you are, whether there is an improvement in your condition (as I fervently hope) enough to enable you to return to Rome and to Florence. I think of you often, always with deep affection and great anxiety.

John Walker is here again and complains that since he was here a year ago and wrote to you he has never heard from you. His hopes are that you will return to America, take up work at Berkeley and get in touch with him.

You remember Fosco Maraini no doubt. He has brought out a magnificent-looking work on Japan. Has it reached you already?

Since I last heard from you I have been getting older, deafer, blinder and feebler. I should not half mind if I still could do any creative work. If it depended on my mind alone I still could but, unfortunately, it depends on my body and that no longer serves me with any kind of satisfaction.

Remember me to your wife and let me hear from you soon.