Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

I Tatti
December 14, 1957

My dear Yashiro,

I am very glad to hear that you have been a little better and, let me hope that the emergency operation that you were going to undergo on the 9th has turned out as well as possible and that in consequence you will feel better and stronger.

I am delighted to hear about your “Masterpieces of Japanese Art” and of course I shall feel very proud if you dedicate it to me.

I should be very very happy to see your Botticelli reappear and brought up to date as well as richly illustrated. I need not tell you that I should heartily welcome if you could spend some time here studying in my library and using all my materials.

It is customary in England and America for publishers to make cash advances to authors of books. There is no reason why the Medici Society should not do the same for you. In your place I would boldly ask them for that. That does not prevent your appealing to Walker as well, and I need not tell you that I should support your appeal.

You ask how I am. Not too well, and unfortunately able to achieve very little, but what can you expect of a man who is approaching his 94th birthday.

Please give my respectful regards to your dear wife and best remembrances to your son.

Ever devotedly,