Nicky Mariano (in Settignano) to Yashiro

I Tatti
Via di Vincigliata

16. II. 1959

Dear Yashiro,

your letter brought us both* happiness as we had felt so anxious about you and your health and to know that you are again your own self and able to go on with your work is really wonderful. This is just a short note, a preliminary one, to let you know how grateful we are and I will write again as soon as your book reaches us. Apparently Thames and Hudson sent a copy before Christmas and it never reached us. I have claimed for another one and it should be here in a few days. – B.B. is a little better than last summer and at any rate free from pain, but very frail and helpless and exhausted by the* effort*.  He is very silent and withdrawn … good deal of the *. Now and then he has better and lovelier days and is able to communicate with the outer world without any difficulty.

He sends you and Fumi his love and so do I.

Ever yours,


* uncertain reading