Elizabeth Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro (in Palo Alto, California)

I Tatti
Via di Vincigliata

Oct. 18- 59

Dear Mr. Yashiro,

Nicky wants me to thank you for your letter of sympathy. Nicky is so wonderful, so courageous. Keeping up our spirits and is very busy with the many things that have to be done. I am sorry you could not see B.B. again. I am his sister and I arrived from Santa Barbara about three weeks before he died. He was so frail, looked so ill, so sweet and patient. It was blessing for him to go but a great shock to us for B.B. had made miraculous recoveries. What a changed world for dear Nicky and I shall feel alone without my dear brother. Nicky sends her best wishes to you and Mrs. Yashiro and will be glad to see you when you come to Florence. I am so sorry not to see you for I sail for home - Nov10.


Elizabeth Berenson