Yashiro (in Abetone) to Bernard and Mary Berenson

July 21 

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Berenson, 

I am afraid you are wondering by this time at my sudden disappearance & my long silence. I have actually hidden myself among the Apeninnes & devoted myself to my “Botticelli”. Now I finished it at last, & I am going down to Florence, to prepare for my final departure from “la mia Firenze”. Before my departure I must see you even for a moment, to express my deep felt gratitude -- more than gratitude -- to you. What I learned of Italian Art & have to go on with my further study, I owe to you entirely. Oh how I wish that I may continue my way by your side. You may understand my sadness to go away from the country where I feel really in my element & from the work in which I really feel my own vocation, if I may say so, & from the master, who has been the real guiding spirit of mine.

I think, by this time you are in Vallombrosa. Can I ask you when I can come to you to say good-bye. I go down to Florence tomorrow & immediately begin my preparations for a departure. I shall stay there perhaps till 29 or 30. The while I am quite free to come to you at any time you mention. I am waiting for your answer at Hotel Berchielli, Lungarno Acciaioli, Florence.

I wonder if Mrs. Berenson is already back in Italy. I shall be awfully sorry if I cannot see her!

With best wishes,

From your faithful pupil,

Y. Yashiro