Yashiro (in Florence) to Bernard Berenson

[letterhead: Cevenini’s Hotel Berchielli/ Lung’Arno Acciaioli – Florence]
17 Feb.

Dear Mr. B. Berenson,

I came to Florence at last a few days ago, after wandering about these two months in Germany & Austria since I met you in the Louvre. I wanted to come to I Tatti but I was told that Mrs. Berenson was not well. The day before yesterday I went out to take lunch with Mr. Clark & I meant to come round to I Tatti to salute you if only for a moment. But when I learned from Mrs. Clark that in the very same afternoon Mrs. Berenson was leaving for Switzerland, I was afraid to disturb you when you were so busy, & I gave up the desire of visiting you on that day. I merely looked at the yellow house of I Tatti from the window of Mr. Clark’s house & thought of the many pleasant afternoons I passed there several years ago.

Yesterday I went to Siena & to-morrow I am leaving for Roma. When I come back from Rome in about a week, I will let you know, and if at that time you are free to see me, let me come to you. I want to greet you very much, before I leave for Japan.


Yuki Yashiro

P. S. Please remember me to Miss Mariano.