Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Jan. 31, 1936
Dear Yashiro,

I am seriously disappointed to learn that I am not to see you before you return to Japan. I am in my 71st year you must remember. But I am happy to learn that you have been applying our methods to the study of Chinese Painting, and I beg of you as a personal favour to make haste and give me a specimen of your work. I am so bored with most everything, whether general or particular, about Eastern art that it would give me joy to read something that was neither soap-bubbles nor microscopic pebbles. 

Thanks for enquiries about my wife. She has been ill for years, and is a little better now, but I fear she never will be well again. We often speak of you. 

The revision of my Florence Drawings is finished, and when it is printed you shall have a copy.

All good wishes to you.

Ever yours,

B. Berenson