Yashiro (in Tokyo) to Bernard Berenson

[letterhead: The Institute of Art Research / Ueno Park, Tokio/ Telephone, Shitaya 3487/ Mail address: P.O. Box Shitaya 14, Tokio]

March 26th

Dear Mr. B. Berenson,

Last week I came back to Tokio & found your letter waiting for me, which gave me an immense delight. Indeed I was so disappointed not being able to come to Italy and renew my acquaintance with you.

Your encouragement, that I might dive into the studies of Far Eastern Art with the method I had learned from you, gives me great courage and I shall follow your advice, although I am not sure if I shall be up to your anticipation. I have been writing series of articles on Far Eastern masterpieces in American collections, which might interest you. But as they are all in Japanese language, I cannot ask you to read them. Under separate cover I sent you my lecture at the Chinese Exhibition in London, entitled “Connoisseurship in Chinese painting”. In that one-hour lecture at the Exhibition, which moreover ought to be popular in character, I could not analyse the method of approach to Chinese painting so thoroughly as I could wish, but in the scope allowed to me, I tried to clearly outline the special circumstances under which Chinese studies have to be pursued. Any suggestions & corrections from you are always welcome to Yashiro, who takes himself one of your pupils.

I am delighted to hear that Mrs. Berenson has recovered from her late illness. Please remember me to her & tell her that Yashiro carries always the recollections of his happy hours in the garden in the library & in the dining-room of I Tatti.

At the present moment I have no definite plan to go to Europe again, but I feel that in a few years I shall be there. Please both of you be well and healthy, if only to let Yashiro come back and greet you and find you both as stirring & happy as he found you many years ago.

You kindly mention that your book on drawing is about to be completed & that I shall have one. I feel excited for gratitude and also for the inspiration, which I am sure would come to me from the pages. I am longing for its quick arrival.

I have not yet seen your friends the Grews. I think I shall see them soon.

Yours always,

Yuki Yashiro