Bernard Berenson (in Ischia) to Yashiro

Ischia (Napoli) Oct. 7. 1951

 My dear Yashiro,

Your letter with the glad tidings that you have recovered from a successful operation finds me in the enchanted island where I have come to be alleviated of ‘hay-fever’.

I hasten to tell you that I am delighted that you are expecting to be in Italy in Dec. I assure you of a hearty welcome at I Tatti where you will be able to stay as long as it suits you. Only let me have your exact dates as soon as you know them yourself. And let me have your address in London, in Paris, and eventually in Rome. At I Tatti we shall revive much of the Past, and recount our dream for the future. You young enough to have them for your own self, I only for the institution that I Tatti is to be.