Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Nov. 18. 51
I Tatti

Dear Yashiro, 

Delighted to hear that at last you are in Europe, and I look forward to seeing you here. You must use I Tatti as you would your home. Come and stay as long as it suits you. There are plenty of buses going to town, and besides, our car goes there often.

I am sure you will find material in our library that will interest you. 

Two days ago I had a letter from Mr. Miwa saying he had nearly completed translating my “Sketch for a Self Portrait.” I wonder what the result will be in Japanese, assuming that the translator understands English well enough!

Let me hear from you again and again, and finally the day and the hour of your arrival in Florence so that I may send the car for you. 

Remember me to your host.