Yashiro to Bernard Berenson

A statement made during Yashiro’s stay in Villa I Tatti.

[written on the I Tatti letterhead] 
January 6th 1952
To Mr. Bernard Berenson

Dear B.B.,

I take in charge your fragment of the tiny copy of the scroll by Chou Wen-Chü reproduced as Pl. I & II of No. 25, January, 1934 of the Bijutsu Kenkyu.

I shall see that when it gets to Japan it shall be properly restored & eventually returned to you. I shall have it insured with a reliable American insurance company for Five Thousand Dollars, you paying for the same and for the expense of restoration with cheques on New York.

Hoping that this transaction will be satisfactory all around,

Sincerely yours,

Yukio Yashiro