Bernard Berenson (in Rome) to Yashiro

Nov. 7. 52
Till Nov. 20.
Eden Hotel-Roma
49 Via Ludovisi

Dear Yashiro, 

Delighted to hear from you. With the same post goes a cheque to the address you have given. It is very good news that you are going to have an exhibition of Japanese art in U.S.A. I wish I could be there to see it.

I am glad the restoration of the scroll has turned out so well, and been approved by all who have seen it. Among them was Wenley of the Freer Museum who wrote to tell me of his delight in seeing it. I have been enjoying Rome, and mean to do so another fortnight. Then I return to I Tatti to finish preparing the third edition of “Lorenzo Lotto.” It will contain more items than the previous ones. Otherwise not much changed.

Here nothing new has turned up, but I never tire of seeing what I have seen so many times in the last 60 years.

Let us hope that you and yours are as well happy as is possible in these tormenting times.

With love from Nicky and,