Yashiro (in Oiso) to Bernard Berenson

1017 Oiso
November 28th

Dear B.B.,

Thank you very much for your letter, telling me that you have sent the cheque to the address in U.S., Mr. Nagatani in Chicago. Almost at the same time I have got a letter from this Nagatani, in which he told me the receipt of your cheque.

As for your scroll, it was all finished & is already to be sent to you through Italian Embassy. Then just before its departure, I showed the scroll to the staff of the Art Research Institute, where I am now the honorary Director, and they all admired the scroll so much that they wanted to have a part of the scroll reproduced in colour for their famous periodical “Bijutsu Kenkiu” (Journal of Art-Studies), which by the way you have in your library. As you allowed me to use your scroll, while it remains in Japan, for any scholarly or art-studying purposes, as I think fit, I took the liberty to keep the scroll in Tokyo for another ten days, so that the Art-Research Institute can take its photograph in colour. I intend to send off the scroll from Tokyo in about ten days through Italian Embassy. I hasten to tell you the reason of some delay of its arrival at I Tatti.

Please remember me to Nicky.

Yours ever,

Yukio Yashiro