Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Settignano, Florence, December 15. 52. 

Dear Yashiro,

The scroll has not reached me yet, but I cannot delay longer to write you and yours a Happy New Year, and a satisfactory 1953. Of course I do not object to your publishing the scroll. Only please send me a copy. Do find out if you can whether a translation already exists into Japanese of my Italian Painters of the Renaissance. The Phaidon Press has just brought out an edition of this book with 400 illustrations. You will be receiving a copy soon. The publisher would eventually be willing to bring out a Japanese edition with the same illustrations.

In so far as I still work at all, I am engaged in re-making my Lorenzo Lotto. I hope it may appear sometime next summer.

I am sure all news about art matters in Italy and elsewhere reaches you sooner or later.

Ever yours,