Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

Settignano, Oct. 22. 53 

My dear Yashiro,

I regret to learn that you have been so ill, and that you are mending so slowly.

Please do not add to your burden the translation of my Italian Painters. I am not at all in a hurry, altho’ it would please me to know that I was being read in Japan.

Of course I shall let Miwa use my library.

We are busy now planning a new edition of Italian Painters which Horovitz will publish. It will be in four volumes, each with 800 reproductions of “key pictures.” The first will contain the Venetian Pictures. And a new edition of “Lorenzo Lotto” is going to the press, and you will receive a copy. I wish I had the energy I once had, because there is so much I want to do and could do.