Bernard Berenson (in Vallombrosa) to Yashiro

(As from Settignano) Vallombrosa. Sept. 10. 55 

Dear Yashiro,

I delayed answering yours of Aug. 11 till I had seen John Walker of the Washington National Gallery. He now is here and we have had long talks about ways and means of letting you come to the West for some years. We hope to be able to provide it in two or three months we shall know.

But you must excuse me for insisting that your major effort must be on Far Eastern Art as you know it, and can best communicate to us whose background is Greek, Hebrew and Latin and not Chinese classics, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. Such a book, adequately illustrated from your brain and hand would be invaluable and sure to meet with great success in the West. You would be expected not only to see all the collections at home, in U.S.A. and Europe, but be preparing the book.

As for the “Annunciation” you could do that in “leisure moments” and as a relief from the major task. Of that as well there would be no difficulty in finding a publisher. If all this came off, I may see you before I die. It would make me happy.

Every good wish.