Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

I Tatti

November 21, 1955

My dear Yashiro,

I have looked through your book on the Annunciation with great interest and even found a few illustrations of originals unknown to me, yet I cannot say that I know what you are driving at. I hope you will be coming here soon and a voce you will explain your intentions to me.

I regret to tell you that there has been a great upset in the Washington National Gallery and the Kress Foundation. Walker is leaving and is in a state of great agitation and perplexity. I have not dared to approach him recently on any subject except his own troubles, but I hope to be able very soon to do so. I mean to ask him to try to procure for you an income of at least $2500 a year for five years. I should expect you to spend these years in preparing a work on the art of the Extreme Orient. I have not the slightest doubt that the Phaidon or other presses would be ready to publish it.

The death of Horovitz has been a great blow to all our interests. There is nobody in the firm to take his place, nobody who has his vision, nobody to oppose the over-Germanic influence that prevails there. Apparently the present head is Dr. Goldscheider and I expect him here very soon. I shall do my best to advise and encourage him.

Nothing more for today.

Affectionately yours,