Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

I Tatti, February 16, 56

My dear Yashiro,

A little while ago Coolidge sent me copy of a letter he had from you. I was greatly interested in the news of you it contained, even if not all of it was good. At all events you have had proof that I take every opportunity to recommend you. I remain hopeful that something for you in U.S.A. may turn up. Do you receive books from abroad? If you do let me know and I could send you two books of mine that have appeared in the last two years. The Sketch for a Self Portrait I could send in English, the “Echi e Riflessioni” has appeared thus far in Italian only. Presently there will be short monographs on various art matters, but again in Italian only.

I feel life to be so precarious at my age that I begin to wonder whether I ever shall see you again. I can’t tell you what pleasure it would give me.