Yashiro (in Zürich) to Bernard Berenson

[letterhead: Hotel Eicher. Zürich]

July 26th

My dear B.B.,

Since I left Rome on June 6th I have been very busily visiting Milan, Venice, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, The Hague, Köln, Bonn, Frankfurt, Basel, Berne & to-day I am in Zurich. To-morrow I shall leave for Genève and then to Rome, from where I shall take aeroplane for Tokyo on August 1st. I wanted to call on you again before I leave Europe, & my wife wished for it very much, but as time is too short, I came to a sad conclusion that this time I have to give up the pleasure of meeting you again. It is possible that I may come back to Europe either next year or in two years. Then of course I shall come to call on you as the first thing which I shall do in Europe.

During my trip through Europe I met many old friends of mine, with whom I talked of you. Georges Salles in Paris, Kenneth Clark in London & also at his medieval castle at Saltwood. They were all very glad to hear from me about you; especially Kenneth Clark, who, as you know, was at I Tatti at the same time with me. Your young pupils at the time have become all old! Older with the same pace, not only in appearance, but also in the way of thinking, more or less! It was very interesting to notice that.

From yesterday here too, in Switzerland, it began to be pretty hot. It must be much hotter in Italy. By this time you must be up at Vallombrosa. It is a great pity that we cannot call on you there!

But I philosophise in order to console me & my wife: it is better to leave something important not done, because that induces us to come back again. In a couple years we must come back to Italy, to pay another visit to you.

Please remember us to Nicky. I often speak with my wife Fumi, how happy we were at I Tatti meeting you all alone.

A Dio and A rivederci presto molto presto,

Yours ever,

Yukio Yashiro

P.S.  I shall be in Albergo Ludovisi, Via Liguria 34, Roma, till August 1st & then at home in Japan: 1017 Oiso, Kanagawa Ken, Japan.