Yashiro (in Tokyo) to Bernard Berenson

Sept. 13th

My dear B.B.,

Thank you very much for your letter of Aug. 19th, which was from Vallombrosa. Since July I have been ailing in a hospital in Tokyo. I think I worked too much, which told on my nerves, which had been enfeebled by the Radiation treatment, which I had last February. I suffer from sleeplessness & other nervous disorders. But fortunately now I feel stronger & better & I think I can get away from the hospital in a future not very very far.

I am much worried by your weakened health, & I pray to heaven that I may have another chance to come over to Italy & to call on you at I Tatti again. My wife Fumi also says so. Please become stronger, so that we can meet again!

It is very nice of John Walker to think of me & to talk of me with you. If I come at all to Stanford University, California, I shall surely come to Washington to meet him. But for the moment I do not know whether I am strong enough to go to Stanford.

You say Fosco Maraini’s book on Japan is magnificent. It must be so, judging from what he did on Tibet. But I have not seen the book yet.

I want to write longer, but I am still too weak. This is just to show you that I have recovered enough to write a letter in English. From now on I shall write to you every now & then.

Yours ever,


At long last the Japanese edition of Italian Painters would be out in November!

My love to Nicky!