Bernard Berenson (in Vallombrosa) to Yashiro

Casa al Dono
(Prov. Firenze)
Sept. 28, 1950 

My Dear Yashiro,

So glad to hear from you, and to learn that you again are being appreciated by your own countrymen as so many of us appreciate you in the Western World. A few weeks ago Edgell, director of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts spoke of you at great length and with deep feeling. Only yesterday Sir Kenneth Clark K.C.B. was here, and I showed him your letter just received. He too spoke of you with real affection. Both promised to look out for employment that would suit you in America or in England. Believe me you have many devoted friends in the Western World.

Thanks for your kind words about my Sketch, and your urgent advice to write more about my education formation, and experience.

I do not say ‘nay.’ It all depends on how much longer my brain and pen remain active. Meanwhile I send you in Italian, because they have not yet appeared in English two small books of recent writing, namely, Echi e Riflessioni, notes written during the War Years, and “Piero della Francesca e l’Ineloquente nell’Arte.” Also a new edition of my “Sassetta.”

At the end of the year I hope I can send you “Caravaggio e l’Incongruo nell’Arte” and still later one or two further booklets.

I spent last late spring seeing Paris, and various towns on the way. I had not been in France since 1936. It was wonderful to be in Paris again, the one city in the world which is a work of art in itself. The Louvre was intoxicating, and there were interesting exhibitions. I was disappointed in the Musées Cernuschi and Guimet. I found almost nothing of artistic as distinct from archeological value. Now I am going to Rome for Oct. and I hope to settle in the Tatti early in Nov. and go to work. 

All good wishes, dear Yashiro, and Miss Mariano’s best remembrances.