Bernard Berenson (in Settignano) to Yashiro

See below for the Christmas card Bernard Berenson sent Yashiro along with this letter.

Settignano. Dec. 7. 55

My dear Yashiro,

Delighted that you are coming so soon, and will stay in Italy for 3 months. Of course I shall feel honored to meet your wife, and your son as well.

Let me hope to be well enough to talk of many things with you. Of one thing you may be assured. There will be no unsurmountable difficulty in publishing a book by you on Far Eastern art - the fuller and more illustrated the better.

Owing to the present upset in the Washington Gallery and in the Kress Foundation, it may be not so easy to procure the money to keep you while preparing this work. I shall do my best. How I wish my best were not so little!